Kai Opaka  Camille Saviola

Spiritual and political leader of the Bajoran people. In 2369, Deep Space 9 Commander Benjamin Sisko turned to her in hopes that she could help unite the many contentious factions that threatened to bring civil war to Bajor. Opaka, in turn, identified Sisko as the Emissary who would save her people. Compelled by the Prophets, Opaka visited Deep Space 9 later that year, and prevailed upon Sisko to allow her to travel through the Bajoran wormhole and visit the Gamma Quadrant. On that trip, Opaka was killed when the runabout Yangtzee Kiang, carrying Opaka, Sisko, Bashir, and Kira Nerys, crashed on a moon in the Gamma Quadrant. She was brought back to life by unusual artificial microbes on that moon. Unfortunately, the nature of the microbes keeping her alive made it impossible for her to leave that world.

Kai Opaka was first seen in "Emissary" (DS9).
kai opaka

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