Elim Garak  Andrew Robinson

Former agent of the powerful Cardassian Obsidian Order intelligence service until he was exiled to space station Terok Nor in 2368. Garak was the only Cardassian citizen left on the station after the Cardassian retreat from the Bajoran system in 2369, at which time the station became known as Deep Space 9. While in exil, Garak opened a clothing shop on the station's Promenade and worked as a tailor. Garak made no references to his past, calling himself just "plain, simple Garak", but some people on the station still regarded him as a spy, including Dr. Julian Bashir, although the two eventually became friends. Despite his protestations to Bashir, Garak maintained some contact with Cardassian intelligence.
Garak was the son of Obsidian Order chief Enabran Tain. Ironically, it was Tain who gave the order to have Garak exiled to Terok Nor. Garak spent much of his life desperately trying to please his father, although Tain kept his son at arm's length. It was only in 2373, when Tain was on his deathbed in a Jem'Hadar prison camp, that he confessed to Garak that he was proud of his son.
Garak's quarters on Deep Space 9 were Chamber 901, Habitat Level H-3.

Elim Garak was first seen in "Past Prologue" (DS9).
elim garak

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