Nog  Aron Eisenberg

Nephew of Quark and son of Rom, who lived on Deep Space 9 in 2369. The young Ferengi was apprehended by Odo as he stole from the assay office of Deep Space 9's Promenade in 2369. Nog's mother was Prinadora. Nog became good friends with young Jake Sisko on the station, and the two boys once created a fictious company, the Noh-Jay Consortium, for their commercial exploits. When Nog's father, Rom, forbade Nog to attend school on the station, Jake taught him how to read. In 2371, Nog underwent the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony. He asked Benjamin Sisko to be his role model and asked him to recommend him for admission to Starfleet Academy. In 2371, Nog became the first Ferengi to enroll into Starfleet Academy. In 2374 he was given a field promotion to Ensign while in his 3rd year at the Academy. Nog became an ensign through a battlefield commission during the Dominion war in 2374. He wore an engineering uniform. Around stardate 51825, Nog served as acting chief engineer of the U.S.S. Valiant in the final days before that ship's tragic end. Nog was seriously injured, losing on of his legs during the Dominion war during a battle with the Jem'Hadar ata station AR-558. Although he was fitted with bionic replacement leg, the emotional scars of the horrors of combat took longer to heal. Nevertheless, Nog returned to duty in time for the final battles of the Dominion war, so impressing his superiors that Captain Benjamin Sisko, in one of his final actions before departing the linear domain, recommended Nog for promotion to the rank of lieutenant.

Nog was first seen in "Emissary" (DS9).

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