Gul Dukat  Marc Alaimo

Cardassian military official who, as a gul, was the last prefect in charge of Bajor, just prior to the Cardassian retreat from that planet in 2369. At that time, Deep Space 9 was a mining facility known by the Cardassians as Terok Nor. Since Dukat was commander of Terok Nor during the occupation, the Bajoran resistance made several attempts to assassinate him.
Dukat fell in love with a Bajoran women named Tora Naprem, and in 2353 the two had a daughter, Tora Ziyal. Since public revalation of this illicit affair would have ended his career, Dukat sent Tora Naprem and their daughter away in 2366, to Lissepia aboard the Ravinok. The Ravinok was attacked by two Breen warships and forced to crash-land on Dozaria. Tora Naprem died in the crash, but her daughter survived. In 2372, Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat went on an expedition to search for the Ravinok, eventually rescuing several survivors from a Breen forced-labor dilithium mine on Dozaria.
In 2373, Dukat conducted secret negotiation with the Dominion, leading to an alliance between the Cardassian Union and the Dominion. The move dramatically shifted the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant, and resulted in Dukat becaming the head of the Cardassian government, pledging to return Cardassia to its former greatness.

Gul Dukat was first seen in "Emissary" (DS9).
gul dukat

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