Tora Ziyal  Cyia Batten, Tracy Middendorf, Melanie Smith

Daughter of Tora Naprem and Gul Dukat, born in 2353. Ziyal and her mother were passengers on the Cardassian ship Ravinok when it was attacked by two Breen warships and crashed on Dozaria in 2366. Tora Ziyal survived the crash and was forced to labor in the Breen dilithium mines on Dozaria. She and several others were rescued by Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat in 2372. Dukat brought Tora Ziyal home with him to Cardassia to live with his family. Ziyal was promptly ostracized by Cardassian society, and went to live with her father aboard the Cardassian freighter Groumall. She fought alongside the Groumall's crew as they commandeered K'Temang's bird-of-prey. When her father decided to became a resistance fighter against the Klingons, Ziyal wanted to join his crusade, but Kira convinced Dukat that his daughter would be better off living on Deep Space 9. On the station Ziyal found herself attracted to Elim Garak, the only Cardassian residing on Deep Space 9. Dukat strongly disapproved of the relationship and later disowned Ziyal when she chose to remain on the station rather than return to Cardassia with her father.

Tora Ziyal was first seen in "Indiscretion" (DS9).
tora ziyal

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